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This is the age of high technology and it is being used in our daily life making it more convenient and easy. Inverter is one of those technologies which form an inseparable part of our daily comfort. We all want a reliable inverter system and things like stabilizer, so that their life remains easy going and does not get interrupted due to power cut or fluctuations. We are an authentic manufacturer and exporter of an array of servo voltage stabilizers in both 1 and 3 phase, isolation transformers, step up transformer, step down transformers, sine wave inverter, home ups, solar inverter, automatic voltage stabilizers, automatic voltage controllers, online ups, variable auto transformer, variaces, constant, voltage transformers - CVT, MPPT and PWM solar charger controllers.

Servo voltage stabilizer: - The voltage never remains constant due to the fluctuation in the needs at the customer's end, and even after so much effort electricity board puts to stop the fluctuations, it never stops. The reason behind these fluctuations might be the result of different loading duties giving rise to transmissions and distribution network. Due to these when people needs electricity and high voltage then the voltage supply is quite low and but at the night times the voltage level goes up than required causing harm to your electrical appliances. Due to these fluctuations, frequent tripping of systems and costly electrical equipment makes their productivity low and you get disappointed. Frequent changes in voltage and power leads to hampering in functioning of machines and that is why you need something which can keep the power constant or to keep the voltage constant. You can choose servo voltage stabilizers which are available in 1 or 3 phase which are capable of overcoming and controlling these voltage fluctuations. These stabilizers go through rigid inspection, and testing and that is why they are very appropriate for your use.

Isolation transformer: - We are the best manufacturer and exporter of various types of isolation and insulation transformer which minimizes the affect of power line issues like noise, spikes, surges, transients and neutral, to a minimum.

Sine wave inverter: - We are the supplier and exporter of DSP based sine wave inverter and home ups. Our DSP based sine wave inverter to facilitate most efficient power conversion apart from providing attractive user friendly features. Our DSP sine range inverters ranges from 100VA to 10 KVA in single phase operation. These inverters deliver high performances and they appliance friendly because the quality of sine wave is very high.

Automatic voltage regulator: - We manufacture high quality of voltage regulator with latest technology, which keeps your air conditioner safe from power fluctuations. Our voltage regulator and voltage stabilizer are designed uniquely and consists of standard toroidal transformer which are made in copper or aluminum according to the demand of our customers. This feature of our voltage regulator saves it from heating too much and lead to prolonged life.

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