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Purevolt is a company which is registered as MSME, NSIC, D and B and SSI unit which deals in the production, export and marketing of kinds of voltage stabilizers, voltage regulators, sine wave inverters, isolation transformers, automatic voltage controller, home ups, step down transformer, variable auto transformer etc. Under the effective guidance of our founder Mr. A. K Gupta and with vision of our director Mr. Sumit Gupta, Purevolt is making it to the top in export market, domestic market etc. Purevolt specializes in making custom designed servo voltage stabilizers, isolation transformers, sine wave inverter, variable auto transformers etc for exports. Our products go through various tests to meet certain standards and these products and shipments are tested by Intertwl, SGS, Bureau, Veritas etc.

Various companies come to us for buying our product and we act like an OEM. We always take part in exhibitions or shows which are being orchestrated in foreign countries like Middle East electricity, JIMEX through various export promotion councils, which provides us platform to interact with people and take our business further. Business expansion is followed by numerous responsibilities and our company is completed dedicated towards catering the best support and cooperation to our customers. We provide all the important information regarding the product to our customers and its upkeep. We are the one stop destination for all your power requirements and granting the kind of experience and exposure that we have got in foreign countries, we supply almost all of our products under power conditioning equipments.

The experts and the technicians that we have here have gained experience through working in this field years after year. They provide their expert guidance and they answer all the queries related to your servo voltage stabilizers, automatic voltage controllers, isolation transformers and sine wave inverters. Our company is a specialist in manufacturing tailor made servo voltage stabilizers. Our this product has been proving helpful for those areas where the voltage from national power grid is very poor and makes it difficult for people to function in such low voltage. The isolation transformers from our companies are being supplied as step up or step down transformer, according to the market demand and the needs of our customers.

As we have already told you that the deans for our product in foreign is quite high, so we have recently exported a huge number of these products. Isolation transformers and automatic voltage controllers to various reputed clients like Hero group. As per their feedback, we are proud to announce that our products are helping them in working 24/7 and assisting them in achieving their goals with minimum interruptions of failures. We are considered as one of the major exporters of DSP based sine wave inverter and solar inverters. The sine wave inverters delivered by us have got great response in African and Middle East countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Yemen, Dubai, South Africa, Kenya etc.

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