Variable Auto Transformer

The variable auto transformer manufactured by us is commonly known as VARIC or dimmer stat. These variable voltage auto transformers have a carbon tip which is attached to a brush arm sliding on a silver plated commutator. The rotation of the brush arm is either done manually or done with the help of a motor drive though which an output voltage is cranked out and ranges from zero to or above line voltage. This output matches IS:5142:1969. We design the variable auto transformers very precisely and our design ensures that you don't need to take extra care of them in normal environment. Although, these variable transformers cater amazing regulations but the carbon tips and the commutator need to be maintained and inspected every once in a while. These are the only components which need care in variable transformers. The variacs are built such a manner that they give zero wave from distortion and the variacs are able to operate even in low torque because of the easy tracks. The transformers which are delivered by us are considered as the best and that is why we have made quite an impression in export market. Here are technical features of variable auto transformer:-

»These auto variable transformers are very appropriate for indoor use where the ambient temperature is around 45 degree Celsius.
»The output of these auto variable transformers can be divided into two ranges respectively, zero to full supply voltage and zero to approx 12% higher than the supply voltage.

We manufacture and export these Variable Transformer up to 1600 Amps. They are widely used

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