Isolation Transformer

Our company PUREVOLT is a well known exporter and manufacturer of isolation transformer and it has made quite a place in worldwide exports market too. These ultra isolation transformers minimizes those consequences which are the result power line problems like electrical noise, spikes, surges, transients noises and neutral break etc, to a minimum level. Isolation transformer has two windings namely, primary winding and secondary winding, which are wound on an iron core but they are separated from each other. The secondary winding monitors the output and in this way it is differentiated from the input. Although in the isolation transformer, the input and output are completely independent of each other but they are linked through magnetic link. We export these transformers in various formats or designs like step up transformer or step down transformer.

The isolation transformer which decreases voltage from primary to secondary (more primary winding turns than secondary winding turns) is called a step down isolation transformer.

The Step Up Isolation Transformer is the one that increases the voltage from primary to secondary ie more secondary winding turns than primary winding turns.

Due to inductive loads, capacitive loads, SMPS loads, electronic ballasts and with PWM switching systems, the present AC power lines are overlapped with spikes, power surges, transients, etc. Due to this reason, the failure rate of electronic equipments on the rise. So if you want to save your gadgets, it is advisable to use these isolation transformers which are manufactured such as step down isolation transformer or step up isolation transformer. Due to continuous stress on normal electrical appliances, they get weak and more vulnerable to damage. So if you want to avoid any such issues, then you must use isolation transformer of various designs like step up transformer or step down transformer, to suit your various needs.

We can supply these step up transformers in various capacities and as per the customer specific requirements. These step up isolation transformer can be used with various types of Indian or Imported machines and equipments and these step up isolation transformer provided by us are fully customized. We can provided digital metering and suitable connections as per requirement of customer.

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